As you know, here at RhinoPlano we only specialize in Rhinoplasty, which is a specific surgery on the nose. Here we’ll go through a few different definitions for other surgeries on the face:

Rhinoplasty– surgery oriented around shaping the nose, correcting a deviated septum, nose job for looks, etc.

Facelift/Rhytidectomy– Tightening the skin around the face to promote a more youthful appearance. It’s also possible to fix certain bones and facial fat that have atrophied over the years due to unforeseen circumstances.

attractive woman- nose job

Chin Surgery– there are many people out there who request this surgery now in order to have their face look less masculine. This is becoming a more streamlined surgery due to the rise in transgendered patients who ask for this type of cosmetic surgery for the sake of appearance.

Brow Lift– When you look at someone’s face, you can tell a lot about them. One thing we usually don’t think about however, is what makes a person look younger specifically. Eyelids and brows are one of those little things that can transform someone’s face and take off a few years from your appearance. This is done by lifting the forehead slightly so your eyelids and brows appear more natural/bright, common to younger folks.

Ear Surgery– also known as an otoplasty, ear surgeries in this manner are usually performed to improve the shape of the ear. Some are born with abnormalities in ear structure, and can make the person feel uncomfortable with themselves in a mirror or in social situations. An otoplasty can make your ears look more natural and symmetrical with each other, giving your face a more healthy look.