Remember back when you were a kid and you told your mom you were bored? She probably told you to go clean your room, which just made you more mad. Here in Plano, TX, you probably don’t have this problem, because there are so many things to do here that even if you’ve been here for years, you can still find new fun things to do.

Go Shopping

While certainly Plano isn’t known for its shopping, there is plenty of shops in downtown Plano and in the Shops at Legacy, to name a couple. There are places to dine in between spending splurges, so you can get a tasty bite to eat while spending all your money on clothes.

Plano Nature

If you’re more of the outdoorsy type, you can go to the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve and go for a walk in nature. If you have a canine friend, take him too, there are lots of places to explore while walking your dog. It’s also great exercise, so there’s that added benefit as well. You can pack a picnic or a camp chair and spend some time away from civilization relaxing. Leave your phone behind and get lost in a book!

dog walking in nature


Know Your History

If you love education, and history in particular, you’ll love exploring downtown Historic Plano. It has been preserved and kept up for more than a century, and you will be able to notice, too! You can browse and explore dozens of antique shops, historical sites, and even the old Train Museum.

Come See Us!

If you’re already in the city, come see us on 14th St in downtown Plano, we’re the best Rhinoplasty procedure in Plano, hence the name RhinoPlano!

Let us know if we’re missing anything dun to do.