If you haven’t heard of Rhinoplasty, most people nowadays refer to it as a “nose job”. There are tons of reasons why an individual might want work done on their nose, but today we are going to go back in time to find more about the history of Rhinoplasty.

There are records of ancient rhinoplasties taking place in Egypt and India dating back to 800 B.C.

ancient rhinoplasty

By ┼×erafeddin Sabuncuo─člu – reprinted in: Early color illustrations of psychiatric treatment methods, as drawn by physician Serefeddin Sabuncuoglu (1385-1470)., Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4208571

Surgical Rhinoplasty probably took place anciently because of deformities or in the case of a broken nose, and this makes sense. If your nose has been damaged, your airways may be blocked, causing irritation, sleeplessness, and fatigue. In around 500 B.C., peoples in India detailed reconstruction of the nose in a few different texts.

During the Roman empire, there were plastic surgery-like techniques that were described bu Aulus Celsus, a well-known medical professional at the time. He didn’t stop there though. He also outlined the reconstruction of facial bones, ears, eyelids, cleft lip, and other areas.

As time went on, more advanced procedures began to develop, including the ability to use drugs and other numbing agents so the patient would feel less pain. This created a much easier way to quickly and calmly move forward with the surgery without movement on the part of the visitor.

Today in 2018, we offer the top Rhinoplasty Plano has to offer, which means both non-surgical and surgical options, depending on the situation.