About RhinoPlano

Here at RhinoPlano, we’re all about NOSES. That’s right, your schnoz, the “sniffer”. If there’s anything you don’t like about your nose, we’re the nose job experts here in Plano, TX. Come see us anytime!

Welcome to Plano

We love it here in Plano, the heart of Texas. We are excited to bring you the best nose jobs, and we want to be upfront about the cost pf a rhinoplasty. We offer convenient appointment times and many different recovery options. Our surgeons have the experience necessary, which makes a big difference when one inch is all it takes to screw it up or make it amazing.

Meet Our Doctors

All of our Doctors have had nose jobs in the past, so we totally understand the nervousness you may feel in the weeks leading up to your procedure. Don’t worry though, we know how you’ll feel afterward too. Just look at how beautiful these noses are!

Jane Sanders

Jane has worked in plastic surgery for over 4 years and has extensive experience in correcting deviated septums.

Jenny Dorman

Jenny loves what she does, in fact, her entire family now have the perfect nose thanks to her! She loves nose appearance surgery and is our go-to for that procedure.

Jeff Ballard

Jeff has the largest nose of anyone on our staff, but don’t worry, he doesn’t mind at all. If you have a large nose, come see Jeff, he’ll make it nice and small 😉

Our Mission Is to Be Plano’s #1 Rhinoplasty. 

Your Nose is Ugly. Get a Rhinoplasty.

24/7 service. Same Day Appointments are Available.

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